Back When We had Toasters

"Oh, crap!" "Cramp? As in, ow I got a brain cramp?"

Monday, March 20, 2006

We gotta run the straightaways, i could run all night and day

Man. ROLLERCOASTERS. I am gonna go on rollercoasters until i can't even WALK straight! It will be good.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

i hate when this happens.

so, typically, i get sick just as my week-long break from school is beginning. today is the 3rd or 4th day of me being sick. ive pretty much lost my voice. mom keeps asking me non-yes or no questions, or not noticing when i nod or shake my heading reply. which is annoying. so i havent really talked to anyone, or been outside my house, today.
hope i get better before the whole week is gone, cuz im sick of reading all day and miming stuff to everyone. and i really need to get out of the house.

Monday, February 13, 2006

-and promptly fell down the stairs.

Currently listening to: The Postal Service
Currently eating: Lucky Charms
currently Watching: the Olympics

So, since Olot, and even before, due to lunch antics, our 'lunch group's inside joke type thing is saying all the IM-type abbreviations, like "OH-em-gee, Abbey, my pop!" or "Oh em gee Jess! Ell oh ell!" "Ahaha, jay-kay!" and then Frank says "La'maow!!!(lmao)" and we all say "Rofl!!" etc

Anyways, so today in Physics, I was very very tired and hungry, and Ms Gwinn was talking about mechanical potential energy, and I was trying to do my math simultaneously. But owing to my state of exhaustion-induced delirium, i had the worst time taking notes. I was fighting really hard to stay awake, but my brain just wasnt working. Eventually, instead of writing down the formula for what PEg equals or W=fd or something, i started writing stuff like "O=mg", and "L=mao". It was awful! But pretty funny.